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A new generation of toy drones that can be controlled by hand gestures. This drone is also equipped with sensors to avoid collision with other objects.
جيل جديد من الدرون, يمكن التحكم فيها عن طريق الإيماءات اليدوية. تم تجهيز هذه الطائرة أيضًا بأجهزة استشعار لتجنب الاصطدام بأشياء أخرى


If you or child are not confident with using the smart-wrist remote control in the beginning, you can simply turn FireFly™ on, throw it into the air to allow it to go into flight and you can just push FireFly™ around to fly by hand as it will move away from your hands automatically using its infrared obstacle avoidance mode.

The infrared obstacle avoidance mode is a great way to get a feel for the drone’s movement and its speed at the beginning. And when you’re done, simply push the yellow water droplet remote control to let it land slowly on its own. (Just make sure that it is landing on a flat surface)

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