I.R.S Portable Solar system 4.5 amperes

525 $

I.R.S Portable Solar system 1000w (4.5 Amp)

No need to pay thousands to have a solar system. With this I.R.S portable you can pay less and get more!
Pay one time and save hundreds of dollars monthly of electric rental fees.
Light up your home, shop, office, and even outdoors
Power up your fridge, TV,  lights, Fans, and other small electrical items
Made of high quality materials and built to last. This system is made especially according to the Lebanese market requirement. Life PO4 battery has been used for extra safety.
Save Money and space by using this portable system
Brand: I.R.S
Inverter size 1000watts = 4.5 Amperes
Battery type: Lithium – Life PO4
Battery Size 1 kilowatt
Usage time (Battery): 1 ampere – 4 hours
Panels size: 120 x 68cm
2 panels with total output of 500watts (with capacitor)
time to charge through electricity: 4- 5 hours
time to charge through panels: 4 – 5 hours
Cable length: 12 meters (Extendable)
1 year warranty
Posted offer price includes the inverter + 2 solar panels + cable
Ready to work ( Plug and play system

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